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Custom Bags

Blue Heron Drums was built on custom orders. Bill's motto is: "You name it, we'll make it!" The options are endless. Here are some examples of custom requests we've received over the years. If only we had remembered to take pictures of all of them. Call for more info, pricing, and availability. Click here to view fabric options >


Kantele (Harpu) Bag

Fabric - Motif: Ethnic
Padding Thickness: Deluxe
Colors: Yellow, Brown

You don't come across Kantele players very often in the US, unless you live in UP Michigan like us, surrounded by Finns. Finnish legend tells us that "the mage Väinämöinen made the first kantele from the jawbone of a giant pike and a few hairs from Hiisi's stallion. The music it makes draws all the forest creatures near to wonder at its beauty." Such an instrument requires an equally fine bag!



Personalize Your Gear

Sometimes you need that little extra something special. We embroidered a little bit of love in the bottom of this customer's padded drum bag. Note the wild interior color scheme, that's where we really have fun making your bag.



A Matching Set!

Fabric - Motif: Abstract/Applique
Fabric - Color: Black, Tan

We designed this matching doumbek and frame drum bag set for a professional belly dancer and drummer who performs at Disneyworld in Florida.


Rasta Djuns

Fabric - Motif: Mudcloth & Patchwork
Fabric - Color: Rasta inspired
Padding: Deluxe

Custom sized djun cases for an oversized djun set. Traditional and non-traditional dyed mudcloth is paired in a patchwork motif to celebrate Rasta colors.


Didgeridoo Bag

Fabric - Motif: Ethnic
Padding: Deluxe

One of our custom designed Didge Bags with deluxe padding to protect this precious Saguaro cactus didgeridoo.

Flute Bags

Fabric - Motif: Contemporary
Padding: Deluxe

One of our most frequently requested custom bags. We generally make this bag in one size that will accommodate flutes up to 28-inches in length. Popular for wooden flutes. We also make a double flute bag.

Growler Bags

Fabric - Motif: Patchwork
Padding: Lined, Insulated
Size: Small, 6-inch x 6-inch x 14-inch, 1-inch x 42-inch adjustable strap

For that after drum beer! Carry your growler in style. Custom order to match your gig bags or shop for ready made bags at our Blue Heron Etsy Store >

Teardrop Bags

Fabric - Motif: Patchwork
Padding: Lined
Size: Small, 9-inch x 6-inch x 16-inch, 1-inch x 38-inch adjustable strap

A great all purpose bag for sticks, bells, rattles, or personal gear. Fully lined with Interior cell phone pocket. Contact us to custom order or shop for ready made bags at our Blue Heron Etsy Store >