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(image of mudcloth swatch)


***If you choose mudcloth as the fabric option for your bag or beret you need to purchase this Mudcloth Add-On.*** Mudcloth is more expensive than our upholstery fabric options and requires special reinforcing to make it durable. We use a laminating process to bond a thinner fabric to the back side of our mudcloth. Then we reinforce all the seams between the mudcloth pieces. This treatment (as non-traditional as it is) turns the mostly decorative Malian textile into a burly utilitarian fabric. Price varies according to bag size and style. See the table below to determine which option you require. We have little control over the color/pattern of mudcloth we receive, therefore we do not offer a mudcloth motif option at this time, we send you whatever we have in-stock. Merchandise exchanges are never a problem.

Choose option according to bag size/model (see table below)
Option 1 (+$49) Option 2 (+$35) Option 3 (+$28) Option 4 (+$21) Option 5 (+$17.50) Option 6 (+$7)
Doundounba Sangban Kenkeni Frame Drum (medium) Frame Drum (small) Beret
  Djembe (large) Djembe (medium) Doumbek (medium)    
  Ashiko (large) Ashiko (medium) Talking Drum (medium)    
  Bougarabou (large) Bougarabou (medium) Djembe (small)    
    Frame Drum (large) Ashiko (small)    
    Doumbek (large) Bougarabou (small)    
    Talking Drum (large)      
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