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(image of djembe drum)

Note: Each item is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order and will not match the photo exactly.


Shell: Approx. 24-inches tall, choice of wood and origin
Small Head: 12.25-inches and smaller, choice of skin/hide type and thickness
Standard Head: 12.25-13 inches, choice of skin/hide type and thickness
Large Head: 13-inches and larger, choice of skin/hide type and thickness
Weight: approx. 18 lbs

The traditional djembe is a goblet shaped hand drum with an authentic goat skin head affixed with rope runners. African djembe drums are hand crafted from a solid piece of hardwood. It can produce a wide variety of sounds, making it one of the most versatile drums. The drum is very loud, allowing it to be heard clearly as a solo instrument over a large percussion ensemble. Originating in West Africa, the djembe was used as a gathering drum and today is popular worldwide for people of all ages.

We build our classic djembes from refined Iroko wood shells carved in and imported from the Ivory Coast, though we have many other shell options. We use a goat skin head mounted with a triple-ring system. The hide hair is shaved off the playing surface of the head. Rope color is black. Don't forget to check out our Djembe Djacket and our Drum, Bag & Strap Special!

Photo: One of our standard sized djembe drums with an iroko shell from the Ivory Coast. Goat skin head with ragged trim. Black ropes with multi-colored ring accent.

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Head Size
Shell - Wood Type
Shell - Country of Origin
Head - Skin/Hide Type
Head - Skin/Hide Thickness
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