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(image of djembe drum)

Note: Each item is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order and will not match the photo exactly.

dJUn DJUns

Doundounba: 24-26 inches tall x 16-18 inch diameter
Sangban: 20-22 inches tall x 12-14 inch diameter
Kenkeni: 16-18 inches tall x 9-10 inch diameter
Shell: Iroko or Tweneboa
Head: Cow hide

Buy a single drum or the complete set of three. Our melodic djuns will add musicality to your ensemble. Built from your choice of Iroko or Tweneboa wood shells carved in and imported from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Cowhide heads are mounted with a 2-ring system. The hide is trimmed close and the hair left on. Rope color is black. Don't forget to check out our Djun Djun Cases!

Photo: One of our sangban djuns with a tweneboa shell.

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