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image of rhythm circleHosted Rhythm Circles

Hand drumming is a powerful way to build community and bring people together to enjoy a shared sense of life, involvement, and rhythm. In addition to the proven therapeutic benefits of hand drumming, shared rhythm circles can enhance communication, confidence, social relationships, and team building. Drumming is both a physical and a spiritual activity that brings joy and a sense of mindfulness or "living in the moment" to participants.

Under the guidance of experienced local drummers, using a variety of hand drums and world percussion instruments provided by Blue Heron Drums we'll help you create a rhythm event for your community at large as well as special interest groups, including schools, employees, wellness centers, and others. Hosting fees are on a sliding scale based on purpose of event, funding available, and size of group. Contact us for more information.

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image of drum workshopIntroductory Rhythm Workshops

An introduction to common instruments, grooves, and hand techniques used in African drumming and community drum circles. Workshop topics may include:

  • hand exercises to improve speed, technique, and coordination
  • reading box notation (a shorthand form of drum music)
  • singing, clapping, and playing the various parts that make up an ensemble groove polyrhythm
  • learning the parts to several African/Afrocuban ensemble rhythms
  • playing with feel and dynamics
  • call and response drumming, rhythm breaks, and approaches to soloing
  • detailed intensive instruction and written handouts detailing the grooves that we'll learn

Participants are encouraged to use their own drum so they also have a drum to practice at home. However, we can provide loaner drums and other percussion instruments for in-class time. Class size limit may apply.

(image of rhythm workshop)Rhythm Study Groups

Beginner and intermediate group learning options. A good next step for drummers who may have participated in an Introductory Rhythm Workshop and want to continue building their drumming skills. Rhythm Study Groups (typically 3-8 people) offer a more personal and intensive learning environment than our workshops.

Groups meet weekly in the Blue Heron Percussion Parlour in Hancock. Pay per session, sliding scale. Space is limited. Call or email if interested.

(image of rope tuning)Drum Making Workshop

Immerse yourself in the total experience of creating your own instrument! It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life—but it’s not for the faint of heart, some knuckle scraping and working with bloody hides may be required.

Over the course of three sessions (at least) Bill will guide you through the necessary steps of creating your drum shell’s smooth–as–glass bearing edge; processing the raw hide to be used for your drum head; and how to string, tighten, and tune your drum.

By the time you are done you will have intimate knowledge of every square centimeter of your new drum. Make no mistake—this is NOT one of those classes that walks you through stretching an already chemically processed, paper–thin head over a prepared shell—this is the real thing!

With a one–on–one (or –two) instructor to student ratio you are sure to create a drum worthy of the Blue Heron Percussion Parlor Showroom. Prices vary according to drum style selected. Times and dates are ongoing. Call or email for details.